2017/18 Tryouts

Posted on Mar 30, 2017

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2016-17 Boys Teams         2016-17 Girls Teams

2009-2004 Birth Year Tryouts – WEDNESDAY, MAY 31
Sign-up: 4:00-4:30pm
Tryout: 4.30-6.00pm

Sign-up: 5:45-6:15pm
Tryout: 6.15-7.00pm

Sign-up: 5:00-5:30pm
Tryout: 5:30-7:00pm


Questions about a specific age group?  Contact the Age Group Director:


  1. Do you know how many U12 (born 2005) boys teams you will have?

    • I believe 7 teams in the age group. Some will be 05 pure teams and three will be 05/06 combined teams.

      Chris Brennan
      Rio Rapids Soccer Club

  2. Do you know how many 03 girl teams (girls born in the year 2003) you will have?

    • As of right now the plan is to have 2 teams for sure.

      Chris Brennan
      Rio Rapids Soccer Club

      • Seven teams
        Scorpions black
        Blue lions

      • At the birth year training, Rio said that there are 58 girls in the 2003 birth year group. Will about 25 girls be cut without a spot?

  3. Hi! How many 04 teams will you have and who are the coaches?

    • 7 boys teams and 2 girls teams. If you find out which they are looking at I can get you the coaching info.

  4. Yes thank you. I am looking for an 04b team.

    • 2 04b teams planned right now. Maybe a 3rd if numbers require it.

      Chris Hurst
      Rio Rapids Sc External Operations Director

  5. Hi, my daughter is 2008 how many girls teams for 2008/U09 will there be?

    • 3 teams in that age.

      Chris Brennan
      Rio Rapids Soccer Club

  6. At the birth year training, Rio said that there are 58 girls in the 2003 birth year group. Will about 25 girls be cut without a spot?

    • No. A number of those players are playing on 02/03 teams as well as in the 03 pure age group.

      Chris Brennan
      Rio Rapids Soccer Club

      • So there are 2 03 girl teams. How many 02/03 mixed girl teams will there be. Seems like the numbers here don’t add up right???

  7. Do you know how many 03 girls will be playing up with 02s girls? If quite a few of the more skilled 03s will be playing up, will the 03 Premier team be made up of what’s left?

    • For specific team or age group questions please call our age group director – Simon Rothman 259-4091

  8. Any word of when the 03 girls teams be announced? Or should we be contacting other clubs for spots for our ’03 girls?

  9. Megan has said that team will not be announced until after state cup. Which leaves no time to workout for other clubs before tryouts, which we all know mean nothing. Offers are made before tryouts happen. Nobody gets an offer for a top team during tryouts without attending workouts before hand.

    • Can you give Chris, Girls Director of Coaching, a call to discuss. He tried to email you but it got bounced back. Thank you.

      Chris Brennan
      Rio Rapids Soccer Club

  10. How many 02/03 girls teams will there be? About how many 03 girls will be on these 02/03 teams? Is Rio trying to hire any more coaches for the 03 girl teams?

  11. Do you know how many teams there will be for the 2002 girls?

    • Four teams in that age group. Please call Chris Brennan at 401-2870 for more info.

  12. Have a friend looking to move her daughter to Rio, I think she would be 2010 birth year. Should she attend the June tryouts?

    • Yes, please have her and yourself come out and meet the directors and coaches and other girls.

      • 2010 would be youth academy so there would not be try outs.

  13. for teams in las cruces do we attend the tryouts in albuquerque???? he was born in 2010

    • Only attend ABQ tryouts if you want to play on an ABQ team.

    • Call Alex Reyes Director of Rio Rapids Strikers in Las Cruces

  14. Hello a what time are going to be the tryout and what a need to bring with me.

  15. How many 2002 teams will there be, because as it looks it seems to be only 1?

    • 02 Age Group – 4 girls teams currently planned and 3 boys teams.

  16. Hello, my son born 2005 missed the tryouts this past Tuesday 5/31/16. Is there a way for him to still get on a team?

  17. Do you need a birth certificate to sign up?

  18. How many 07 boys teams will there be?

    • Not sure at this time. There is no tryout at this age. We will gather all the kids and make teams with appropriate numbers.

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