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Rio Rapids SC is a firm believer that the quality of the experience for the players on the Club’s teams is directly related to the caliber and experience level of its coaches. Therefore, the club places a strong value and emphasis on the professional growth, continuing education and licensing of its coaching staff. Towards this end, we have set a goal of having 100% of our head coaches take part in a coaching education course/clinic each year. During the 2013-14 club year, 91 of the Club’s coaches took part in at least one coaching education opportunity and participated in over 240 unique opportunities.

The Club is proud to provide the comprehensive support and resources to our coaching staff including but not limited to the following:

  • Coaching clinics/sessions run and advice and guidance provided by the Colorado Rapids MLS organization as a part of our exclusive Alliance partnership
  • In-house coaching education/clinic opportunities led by Rio Rapids SC coaching staff
  • Financial support to our coaching staff for earning USSF licenses and NSCAA Diplomas – the club invested over $11,000 in both 2013-14 and 2012-13 to assist our coaches in this area
  • Age Group Training objectives that can form the foundation for what you train your teams
  • Sample training session plans focused on Age Group Objective topics
  • Feedback to coaches on the training sessions they run with their teams
  • A library of coaching books, magazines and videos available to our staff
  • A list of coaching website resources
  • A coach mentor program where new or experienced coaches can get introduced to coaching within the Rio Rapids SC culture
  • Annual UNM Men’s Soccer Symposium hosted by their coaching staff
  • A full-time coaching director who is available to assist with team planning, the development of training sessions or professional development goals.


Upcoming Rio Rapids SC Coaching Clinics – Fall 2014

New Mexico Youth Soccer Association Courses

NMYSA Online Youth Module 1 Coaching Course (U5-U8 Age Groups)

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