Rio Rapids SC Club Fees – 2023-2024

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* If a teams plays in DCSL there will be an additional league fee depending on the age and amount of games.

* Duke City Fee includes a NMYSA State player fee of $23 to be charged on all accounts

A non-refundable registration fee of $75 for U9-U19 will be accepted this year in order to hold a spot for your child.  This is applied to your child’s Rio fees for the year.

If not paying in full when you register, you have the following options for payment.

Payments are due by the 10th of the month
Youth AcademyInitial payment $75 and then 3 payments (due July 10, Aug. 10, Sept. 10)
U9-U12Initial payment $75 and then 3 payments (due July 10, Sept. 10, Oct. 10)
U9-U12Initial payment $75 and then 6 payments (due July 10, Aug. 10, Sept. 10, Oct. 10, Nov. 10, Dec. 10)
U13-U19Initial payment $75 and then 3 payments (due July 10, Oct. 10, Jan. 10)
U13-U19Initial payment $75 and then 8 payments (due July 10, Aug. 10, Sept. 10, Oct. 10, Nov. 10, Dec. 10, Jan. 10, Feb 10)

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If more than 4 consecutive weeks of the training season is canceled due to Covid-19 Pandemic by the Federal, State Government or NM Youth Soccer Assoc. (NMYSA) and the time is NOT made up later in the season, Rio Rapids will give a pro-rated Rio Fees refund back for the time missed on the training field for active players on a per season basis (Fall/Spring).


Any refunds to be given will be issued at the end of the Fall and Spring seasons if applicable (Pandemic stoppage of training only)


With regards to other league games and fees (DCSL, ECNL,, GA, DPL…) each organization set their own policies with regards to schedule or refunds

General Yearly Start Dates
U5-U8 – Sept & Oct, March & April
U9-U14 – Early/mid August through Late Oct/mid-Nov, late Jan/early Feb – early/late May
U15-U19 – Post HS – Nov & mid-Jan through mid/late May

Any player failing to make payment of Club dues as directed by the schedule above will be suspended from play until payment is made.  The player pass card will be surrendered to the Club Registrar during this suspension period.  When payment is made, the player pass card will be returned to the team coach.

Each player (U9 and up) will also be responsible for the Duke City Soccer League fee of $105. The league fee is included in the total cost to be paid to your team manager when you pay your Rio dues, will be paid online with your credit card or paid directly to Rio when paying your club fees. The fees included on the registration page include the DCSL fee. It is included in the registration payments.


In addition to the credit card fees, you will also be charged an additional $2/transaction by choosing the credit card payment plan option. This processing fee is a charge that the Blue Sombrero/Sports Connect charges. If the registration platform does not automatically charge the credit card fees for each payment made by credit card, the fees will be manually charged to each account as applicable.

Return Check Policy – All returned checks will be charged a $25.00 processing fee and must be paid in cash prior to registration being completed and pass cards being issued.

Credit Card Chargebacks – If a credit card charge is reversed, a $30 service fee will be added to the players account.

New Players – Players added during a season will use a prorated schedule determined by the Registrar.

Transfers – Player’s club and team fees must be paid in full before transfers are granted.

No Refund Policy – Rio Soccer Club has a no refund policy. Please refer to the handbook for more information.

Scholarships – Any scholarship player who wishes to transfer must pay scholarship award and all team fees prior to transfer approval.